buy telegram subscribers

buy telegram subscribers

buy telegram subscribers

If you want to increase the sales of your products or services, keep reading this article. If you own a business, so therefore you use social media to attract new customers and to maintain the old ones. One of the most popular social applications all around the world is Telegram. This app which is made by a Russian model, have attracted many users all around the world as its active users have reached more than 700 million per month! This is a very high number for a social network and has a growing rate too. It can be predicted that the number of the active members of Telegram will reach 1 billion soon and it may seize the rank of Facebook as well. Telegram has an expert support team and its developers are working on this well-known application all day. when you create a group or channel on Telegram, you are the only member of the channel but you can add people that are in your contact list (if only they have allowed being added by others in the groups or channels). In this case, you might get 10 to 100 members in your channel, so you have to think of a solution to increase your channel/group members. The members who subscribe to your channel are attracted in two ways; they are either fake members or real members. attracting real members is too hard and costly but there are prerequisites that you should provide; like advertising your channel in different applications or websites.

Now imagine two ads are simultaneously posted in two similar channels, one of them is yours with a few subscribers and the other belongs to your competitor which owns 10,000 subscribers. Now one question: who do you think the users will trust more? Normally, people would trust the channel with more subscribers more easily in contrast with the channel that has a few subscribers so your competitor can attract more members than you. So you better purchase some fake members at the beginning from us.

You can order 1k fake members to 1M fake members in our website.

All of the orders placed in our website will be done in 24 hours. (the orders which request many members may take a little more time to complete, and in this case, we will inform you about it). All of the orders you register in our website will get a gift and the ones that are paid via crypto currency will get more bonus from us (try to pay with crypto, so you’ll get more members or views). Moreover, if you got any questions about placing orders or payments or etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the members leave my channel after a while?

  • A low percentage of them will leave your channel/group and that’s why we send more members to each order.

Are these services legal?

  • Yes, our services are 100% legal and won’t leave you in doubt.

buy telegram subscribers :

For channels: for each channel you can buy up to 1M followers and the profile and the name of them will not be shown to others. This is our most popular service.


For groups: you can buy telegram subscribers for your group, this service is like the service for channels but the difference is that you can buy 200k members. if it’s very important to you that the followers must have profile photo and name, tell us in advance; because about 50% of the subscribers don’t have profile photo.

Creating channel in Telegram, you can sell your products and services to all the people all around the world.

Buying Fake telegram followers is one of the best ways to increase members of your channel or group. All of us know that users will trust the channels with more members.

Our website, as the largest and most reputable provider of Telegram services, is proud to provide these services to you. You can use our diverse services to boost the number of your followers.

– We also recommend that you check out the services related to increasing the post views on Telegram. For example, if you buy 100,000 fake members, you are supposed to get 10,000 post views on each of your posts. (this amount of views should appear after 24 hours so the members will trust you)

Telegram Post Views

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